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Calm Down, Spray Tanning Probably Isn’t Going To Kill You

Much like Tanning Mom, I like the way I look with a little bit of a glow. However, unlike Tanning Mom, I also know that indoor tanning is horrible for my skin and my health, which is why I have been known to turn to spray tanning (hey, I live in Seattle, where it is currently 59 degrees and raining). But apparently, according to the alarmist stories in my Google Reader, that’s probably going to kill me, too. Though, after a little further reading, it turns out that it’s probably not as bad as the news would have you think. Here’s what you need to know.
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the scary-sounding chemical in sunless tanners that actually bronzes your skin by interacting with dead skin cells–and it’s what’s got armchair scientists’ swimsuits in a bunch over potential health risks…even though it’s probably one of the least toxic chemicals found in any given sunless tanner. In fact, DHA is kind of a straw-man.
Approved for use in tanning lotions in the 1970s by the FDA, the chemical is derived most commonly from sugar cane, which sounds pretty innocuous. And while it has been shown in a handful of studies to make the skin more susceptible to the effects of the actual sun for 24 hours after application (ironic, right?), for the most part, DHA doesn’t pose that many risks for those who use it externally.
Additionally, unlike a lot of dyes and chemicals that are still allowed in the US but are banned by more strict countries’ health departments (ahem, BPA), DHA is totally permitted in the UK and Canada. So…how exactly is sunless tanner dangerous?
The health risks, it seems, come less from slathering your skin in a plant derivative mixed with other chemicals and lotions, and more from inhaling the stuff with your eyes open in a spray tanning booth. Also, from the added crap that a lot of sunless tanners contain.
According to the FDA (who, to be fair, don’t always have the best track record when it comes to potentially harmful chemicals), DHA is totally safe for your skin, but it can be pretty gnarly on your eyes and in your lungs, and that’s why spray tanning could be harmful, particularly to those with sensitive eyes or asthma. DHA-based spray tanners also frequently contain fragrances and other chemicals that can be considered toxic. But then, that’s kind of true of anything that’s in the air–think air fresheners, fumes from laundry facilities, etc.–and can be easily remedied by holding your breath (as best you can, sometimes you’re in the booth for quite some time) and closing your eyes while getting a spray tan, or choosing a spray tanner that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.
You could also, if you have the resources, opt for airbrush tanning, and ask that you wear a mask while they do the majority of your body. Another option is to use sunless tanning creams or other, non-airborne products that are organic, natural, and don’t contain other garbage, like parabens and unsafe fragrances.
So cool your jets, everyone. Sunless tanning isn’t the next Brazilian Blowout–though I would like to see more studies on the safety of the additional chemicals in some of the lotions, like sodium lauryl sulfate and 1,4-dioxane–and it’s definitely not as dramatically deadly as, say, actual tanning, or even as today’s news would have you believe. At least, not that we know yet. Just be a savvy consumer, read the warnings, pick products that don’t contain chemicals known to be hazardous, and, if you’re going to go for Mystic or another automated spray tan, do be aware of the potential for ingestion of the products.
Image: Anderson Cooper getting a spray tan, being sexy via MSN

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Save your skin. Save yourself. Live a full and healthy life.

Save your skin. Save yourself. Live a full and healthy life. 

 Tanning beds and too much sunshine can lead to cancer. We all know that, or at least we should know that.But some of us don’t. Or at least we’re not putting two and two together. We spend oodles of money every year on sunscreen, anti-aging regiments and beauty products…and then get in tanning beds…and that just doesn’t add up.If you know anyone who has melanoma (or any other cancer or life-threatening illness), you know the pain and suffering it can cause. Wouldn’t you do whatever you could to prevent it to happening to someone else? It’s always heartbreaking when young people pass—but even more so when it could have been prevented. 

 Here is a few stories about young people whom thought tanning made them look beautiful but thier quest for beauty turned into a battle aganist melanoma. 

 Clare Oliver (right), age 26, died from melanoma on the 13th of September, 2007. Her death was just one of over 1,200 melanoma-related deaths each year in Australia. Just before her death, Clare wrote, “If I could go back and talk to myself when I was 19 I would tell that girl not to use a solarium…Subconsciously I did know that cancer was involved with solariums because I was aware of UVA and UVB rays. But when I was 19, I saw a cheap offer: ‘Buy 10 sessions and get 20.’” Megan (left) was just 27 when she discovered that a mole on her thigh had changed. Luckily, she got it checked out right away–and was diagnosed with skin cancer. Looking back now, Megan regrets not using sunscreen during those summers in the sun, but, she says, the tanning beds definitely played a role. 

 Just say no to tanning beds. 

 So how you get that coveted gorgeous glow? Easy. There’s an entire industry devoted to beautiful, UV-Free tanning. I know, I know. You don’t want to look orange. Thankfully, it’s 2012 and not the 1960s. Over the past sixty years since over-the-counter sunless products made their first big, icky splash, the sunless industry has come a long way! Sole Sano Salon uses a product that blends antioxidants, moisturizers and a beautiful golden color that does not streak and can be customized for all skin types to create that natural tan.

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Too Much of Anything Isn’t Good, Even When it Comes to Technology

With a rise in social media and the need to stay “connected,” the question often arises: How much is too much?

There’s no denying the millions of ways technology advancements continue to benefits us each and every day. It allows us to see a family member living in another state through a simple cell phone. Students no longer need to go to class to learn as they can simple take an online course. Friends don’t have to hang out to know what they have been doing as Facebook keeps everyone updated on a hourly basis through pictures, status, post, etc. 
BUT, Just like anything else in life, too much of anything isn’t good. Technology has created the 21st century to be addicted to being “connected” to everyone at all times. For the first time in human history, someone is able to get in touch with you at any point of the day. Many people do not realize that being connected twenty four seven effects who we are as an individual, taking away our freedom to be “alone”. 
Social media offers the illusion that all of our friends are at all times living in constant relationship, silence is feared. Silence begins to take on the meaning of “missing out” or “loneliness.” When all the world seems busy but you are sitting quietly.
Although society would disagree, with so many distractions around us all the time, it’s very important that we know what we want. We get into the habit of going where these distractions tell us to go, without thinking about it. They suck up your time from the things you want the most, without you even realizing it. Personal space is what keeps us, as individuals, feeling refreshed. When you’re a part of a group, you’re more likely to go along with what the group is doing or thinking, which isn’t always the actions you would take or the decisions you would make if you were on your own. Taking time out from others enables us to, relax, recharge our batteries, learn about ourselves, and return with a positive mindset. 
So try it ! Turn off the mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc. for 24 hours. Talk to people face to face, open a book, play a game, and come back relaxed, refreshed ,and rejuvenated.
“The great omission in American life is solitude; not loneliness, for this is an alienation that thrives most in the midst of crowds, but that zone of time and space free from outside pressure which is the incubator of the spirit. — Marya Mannes, author and critic

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