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Your Spray Tan Will Not Kill You

As many of you have probably seen in the media, Airbrush tanning has been making headlines everywhere as a small concern from a research study turned into the next biggest health hazard. Although no tests have been carried out on humans showing the “harm” it causes to those being sprayed, the media has decided to categorize spray tanning to be just as dangerous as UV Rays. 

UV rays are a proven human carcinogen, and proven to increase the risk of getting all forms of skin cancer, including potentially deadly melanoma, which is the most common form of cancer among young adults 25-29 years old. 

That is not the case at all with sunless tanning. Medical experts have said they “have concerns” about Dihydroxyacetone, the main chemical in “spray-on” tan. Dr Lynn Goldman, dean of the School of Public Health and Health Services at George Washington University in Washington DC, explains “What we’re concerned about is not so much the reaction that creates the tanning, but reactions that may occur deeper down with living cells that might then change DNA, causing a mutation and what the possible impacts of that might be.” The FDA has approved DHA for external use only, meaning it should not be inhaled or ingested, or applied to the lips. Inhaling anything that is external use only can be harmful to a persons health, including every day items such as hair spray, bleach, nail polish, etc. 

Goldman continues to explain “For the casual user – the person who goes once a month – frankly there’s probably no problem at all.” 

Due to the medias constant need to make people paronoid, Sole Sano Salon will now provide eye protection, nose guards and lip balm to airbrush tanning customer.

Better Safe then Sorry!