Best Day to Spray Tan for Best Result

Best Day to Spray Tan for Best Result

Everyone seems to want that perfect dark natural looking tan for that special Saturday event. Spray tanning is a safe alternative to tanning in any form of UV light and only takes minutes to get a sunless UV free tan. However, one of the biggest misconceptions is that you can spray tan the same day of your event and have the best tan results possible, all though you will see an increase in tanning results, the best results come from pre-planning.

We wanted to take a quick moment to help you pick the best possible day to tan for your event, that way you can plan ahead and achieve the best tanning salon results.

Spray tanning on Monday will give you the best overall results on Wednesday, assuming that you get your spray tan early. If you have an airbrush tan at 8pm on Monday night, the best results would then be seen on Thursday. Getting a sunless tan on Monday would not offer the best results for a Saturday natural glow.

If you stop in to Extreme Tan and Smoothies for a sunless spray tanning session on Tuesday you can count on seeing the best results on Thursday, or Friday depending if you tan early on Tuesday. I would recommend spray tanning on Tuesday vs a Friday for any Saturday event, use a tan extending moisturizer like Stay Dark to extend the life of your spray tan.

Spray tanning on Wednesday offers excellent results and almost doubles your event exposure ability. Early Wednesday uvfree tanners will see excellent results on Friday and Saturday, if your appointment is later on Wednesday it will give you the maximum dark tan for Friday and Saturday events. Wednesday is an optimal day for spray tanning.

All though many people believe that spray tanning late on Thursday evening will generate the best spray tan results for a Saturday it actually would create the best results for Sunday morning and afternoon.

We understand that sometimes you have no choice but to spray tan on Saturday, we suggest getting the earliest appointment possible as many skin types won’t show the results of bronzer after initially showering.


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With all that is known today about sun damage, who wants to put themself at risk all day in the sun or in a dangerous UV tanning bed? You can get a flawless, beautiful, glowing bronze tan in minutes with our custom airbrush spray tans. This is not a spray tanning booth. At Sole Sano Salon a highly trained technician is spraying you from every angle to ensure a perfectly even tan and will even customize your color. We use the highest quality organic sunless tanning solution and we GUARANTEE you will not turn orange! View all posts by solesanosun

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