Plan Your Tan In Advance !

Plan Your Spray Tanning Schedule in Advance

One of the worst things that any tanner can do is wait too long to set up their tanning game plan for the holiday season, failure to plan properly can often lead to unsafe tanning practices (desperate measures) or a tan that isn’t maximized. Booooo.
How to Be Tan for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
if you plan on being tan for that family Christmas party or Christmas eve get together you should probably schedule a spray tan session for December 21st, 22nd or even the 23rd!
Remember the longer you wait the faster your chances decrease of getting the spray tan appointment you want.
To Make Sure that you start the New Year looking fabulous we suggest fitting in at least one more spray tan session before the ball drops. Sole Sano Salon’s store will be opened all day on December 29th as well as early on December 30th! 

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With all that is known today about sun damage, who wants to put themself at risk all day in the sun or in a dangerous UV tanning bed? You can get a flawless, beautiful, glowing bronze tan in minutes with our custom airbrush spray tans. This is not a spray tanning booth. At Sole Sano Salon a highly trained technician is spraying you from every angle to ensure a perfectly even tan and will even customize your color. We use the highest quality organic sunless tanning solution and we GUARANTEE you will not turn orange! View all posts by solesanosun

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