Spray Tanning Tips for Your Wedding Day

Before their wedding day, more and more brides are deciding to spray tan to get that perfect glow!

  1.   Always do a test spray. For many women, spray tanning is still an uncharted area and most brides want to make sure the formula looks flawless on their skin before the wedding day. I cannot advise this more! By doing a test spray, you can see how the formula wears on your skin and make sure the level of color is the right one for you. If it’s too dark or too light, it’s an easy fix – but you’ll only know by testing first.
  2. Test multiple days before a fitting. It’s a great to do your test spray during the week of a fitting so you can see your perfectly tanned skin against your white dress. Since fittings can be snug and stressful, it’s best to spray 3-5 days prior to prevent the formula rubbing onto the dress. With Vera Wang involved, we don’t want to take any chances!
  3. Show your groom to be. Get your future hubs involved in the process and let him know you are spray tanning for your wedding day. Show him the final product after your test, so he can see how radiant and glowing you look! Everyone has heard of a spray tan gone bad, so let your man see how far the technology has come and how gorgeous you look and feel. He’ll fall in love all over again.
  4. Get your bridesmaids involved. Tell your MOH and BMs you are getting a spray tan. Tons of photos will be taken on your big day and since you’ll be standing side by side, if you’re getting one, they may want to consider it as well. Like Whole Glow, many businesses offer discounted rates for wedding parties so be sure to ask.
  5. Wear your tan out. Get down with your test spray tan! Try it on with your dress and take it to the gym. Sweat a little and see what happens. Pay attention to how the color looks on your skin and how quickly and evenly it fades. If you like the color on a particular day, let your stylist know so they can adjust as needed for your wedding day.
  6. Spray a few days before the wedding. You did your test spray tan, got another for your bachelorette party and now it’s time for the big day! Book in advance and plan to do your spray tan 2 to 4 days before the wedding. The color is the deepest during these initial days and hasn’t had significant exposure to sweat or competing beauty products. Alcohol- and fragrance-based products speed up the fading process, as well as chlorine so no swimming allowed!
Those are the basics, but be sure to ask the company you’re working with as specific questions arise. A knowledgeable technician should be able to ease your concerns and answer any question under the sun (get it?). Now, you look STUNNING so go enjoy your big and beautiful day!

About solesanosun

With all that is known today about sun damage, who wants to put themself at risk all day in the sun or in a dangerous UV tanning bed? You can get a flawless, beautiful, glowing bronze tan in minutes with our custom airbrush spray tans. This is not a spray tanning booth. At Sole Sano Salon a highly trained technician is spraying you from every angle to ensure a perfectly even tan and will even customize your color. We use the highest quality organic sunless tanning solution and we GUARANTEE you will not turn orange! View all posts by solesanosun

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