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Society’s Misrepresentation of a Female Role Model

Too many females want to be ‘Models’ not enough want to be ‘Role Models.’

Young females today are constantly looking to be like someone they see in the media. Leaving the media to represent what teens should be doing, wearing, feeling, and looking like creates problems when there is a vast amount of bad role models in the media who don’t come close to fitting the definition of a “role model”. The Webster dictionary defines a role model as someone who is worthy of imitation; someone to be copied and is a good example for others. Very few of the women in today’s spot light become famous because of who they were, are, or became, or because they demonstrate qualities that every woman should possess. The media has taken the strong willed, independent women that our mothers strive to be and replaced them with individuals whom are often seen entering or leaving rehab, partying endlessly, showing off a destructive lifestyle into our futures roles models. Rumors of a celebrities drug and alcohol abuse, sex tape, latest affair, etc has become a weekly occurrence. Glamorizing these bad choices, Young girls receive all the wrong messages. 
Instead of following something seen on a TV screen or the latest US weekly, young women should try to make a name for themselves by demonstrating hard work, excluding confidence, and following there dreams. Young women whom do not follow this crowd of “stars” whom have no discernible talent but have made a considerable fortune thanks to there many bad decisions, trashy clothing, and/or vulgar song lyrics, will most likely find places no one has ever been before. Being apart of a generation where we are simple products pressured to be molded into a certain kind of person, young teens constantly need to be reminded that they don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.